Ioannina is a city with a huge cultural tradition and modern development businesses. Among the diverse geographic features of the area, Lake Pamvotis is a special one, with its islet, in which there is a small settlement and various monuments and attractions.The city’s own life is all about the lake. Walking, fishing, boating, rowing, horseback riding, coffee or eating by the lake.

Lake Pamvotis, according to a University of Cambridge research, is estimated to be 20,000 to 26,000 years old.

Visit the historic Castle of Ioannina, the Museum of Vrellis, the majestic Zagorohoria, the enchanting Metsovo, the cave of Perama and many other attractions that will fill your day with unforgettable experiences and memories

Lake Pamvotis

The famous Lake Pamvotis, also known as the lake of Ioannina, dates back to 10,000 BC and today it is a living piece of flora and fauna of the area.

In the middle of the lake there is the islet, in which the homonymous settlement is built. In the islet there is the monastery of Agios Panteleimonas, where Ali Pasha was murdered back in 1822.

Castle of Ioannina

The castle of Ioannina is a reference point for the city. Its present figure is due to Ali Pasha, who rebuilt the castle in 1815 almost from its foundations.

Until 1913 you could only access the castle if a rope ladder was dropped from inside, and that was because the lake and the water ditch were touching the castle’s walls. From the central gate, in which the Turks hung the new Martyr George, the patron saint of Ioannina, we enter the castle.

Cave of Perama

The Perama Cave is an impressive geological formation inside the Goritsa hill in the center of Perama.

It is considered to be one of the largest horizontal caves in the Balkans, with rich stalagmites, many rooms and corridors and elaborate formations that make up a dreamlike world. The route for the visitors is about 1500m. and lasts 45 minutes.

Perama Tel: 26510.81.521


Near the beautiful town of Ioannina, in the Pindus Mountains, at an altitude of 1,200 meters, is the famous Metsovo. It is built amphitheatrically on a hillside between beeches and firs.

It is distinguished by its distinctive architecture and the intense traditional atmosphere that is alive in a wild landscape with countless natural beauties and rare fauna and flora. Forests, rivers and the artificial lake of Aoos, complete the image of a truly unique landscape.


Zagorohoria is a complex of 46 gorgeous villages, where the visitors can find whatever they are asking for. Villages crowded or tranquil, villages with incredible views or villages in the forest. Forests but also dry peaks, crystal clear rivers like Voidomatis and alpine lakes, such as dragonlakes.

In Zagorohoria the visitor can also admire the traditional architecture of stone and wood, which are the main materials from which the houses were made and still made.

WaxWork Museum of Pavlos Vrellis

It is located in the village of Bizani on the National Road Ioannina – Athens in a building built according to the standards of traditional architecture.

Its exhibits, made of natural size, impress with their plasticity and expressiveness.

His subjects are derived from Modern Greek history, with emphasis on the pre-revolutionary period, but also the Second World War.
13th km of Ioannina – Athens, Bizani

Tel .: 26510.92.128

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

It is located in the city center of Litaritsia.

It includes findings of international fame from various periods of the wider Epirus.

25th March 6, Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.33.357, 26510.25.490, 26510.31.908, 26510.35.498

Byzantine Museum of Ioannina

It is located at the inner acropolis of the city’s castle (Ich Kale), where Ali Pasha’s seraglians were located.

Tel .: 26510.25.989, 26510.39.580

Municipal Museum of Ioannina

It is located in the city center of Litaritsia.

It includes findings of international fame from various periods of the wider Epirus.

25th March 6, Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.33.357, 26510.25.490, 26510.31.908, 26510.35.498

Silversmith’s Museum of Ioannina

The Museum of Silversmith is located in the castle of Ioannina, specifically in the western bastion of the south-eastern citadel (Ich Kale). It occupies the two levels of the bastion as well as the building of the old kitchens adjoining it.

Its purpose is to keep alive the knowledge about the continental silversmith and to inform the general public about its technology . Also, linking this technology to the social data of the era around which it has developed and flourished.

Tel: 26510 64065 Fax: 26510 32012

Folklore Museum of Ioannina

It is housed in a renovated neoclassical building and includes ecclesiastical objects, local costumes, traditional art ceramics, and more.

Mixed Aggelou 42, Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.20.515

WaxWork Museum of Athanasios Vrellis

It is located near the entrance of the Castle and includes works inspired by Greek history.

Karamanlis 15, Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.22.414

Demotic Art Gallery of Ioannina

It is housed in the Pyrantella mansion and hosts works by famous Greek painters.
Korai 1, Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.75.131

Exhibition Center of the Epirus Researhing Company

It includes collections of engravings and Byzantine icons.
Paraskevopoulou 4, Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.25.233

Museum of Pre-Revolutionary Period

It is located in the island of Ioannina and is housed in a cell of the Panteleimon Monastery, where Ali Pasha was murdered.

His collection includes exhibits from the Turkish domination and personal belongings of Ali Pasha. Another archive of the monastery houses the archives of the monasteries of the island.
Island of Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.91.791

Ali Pasha Museum

In the island of Ioannina, in the Monastery of Ag. Panteleimon, which Ali Pasha had transformed into a country house, was first opened in 1958 by the Museum of the Revolutionary Period thanks to the initiative of enlightened Yianniotes. In May 2012 the Museum of Ali Pasha and the Revolutionary Period includes the important collection of Fotis Rapakousis.

In the main building there are exhibited objects directly or indirectly related to Ali Pasha during his period of action (1788-1822) and in the second building heirlooms of the revolutionary period of the Greeks for the demolition of the Ottoman yoke (19th century)

Monastery of Philantropinon

It is located on the island of Ioannina and is one of the most important post-Byzantine monuments in the country.

The catholicon, built in 1292, impresses with its masterpieces, made by representatives of the so-called “Epirus School” of the 16th century. Of particular interest is the representation of ancient philosophers.
Island of Ioannina
Tel .: 26510.25.989

Monastery of Panteleimon

The monastery was founded in the 15th century. The catholicon was restored in the 19th century.

You can also visit the monasteries: Monastery of Stratopoulos, Monastery of Eleousa, Monastery of Metamorphosis of the Savior.


Within a few kilometers of Ioannina, in the Dodona valley, there is the sanctuary of Dodoni, an archaeological site with reputation all over the world. The area is considered to be the birthplace of Greek-speaking tribes, as evidenced both by historical sources and by findings dating back to the late Copper Age.

The sanctuary was dedicated to the Temple of Zeus and contained in its premises an oracle (around the holy oak called Figos), a theater, a Prytanio and a Bouleuterion. The most important buildings of the sanctuary were built during the time of the king of Molossi Pyrros, so the sanctuary experienced great prosperity. The current archaeological site includes the ancient theater and the sacred habitation of the oracle.
Dodoni (21 km from Ioannina)
Tel .: 26510.82.287

Exhibition of Carpets & Handicrafts

Carpets and hand-woven textiles from the wider region of Zagori are displayed.
Ano Pedina of Zagori (Municipality of central Zagori)
Tel .: 26530.22.536

Monodendrion Woven Exhibition Center

Hand-woven textiles, embroidery, ornaments, etc. are exhibited.
Tel .: 26530.71.382

Sarakatsaniki Stani

Outdoor museum with exhibits from the life of Sarakatsanon, which you van visit in the summer months at the location Gyfokampos Skamnelio in traditional straw huts.
Gyktokambos of Zagori (Municipality of Tymfi)
Tel .: 26530.81.203

War Mouseum

It is located in Kalpaki on the road Ioannina – Konitsa and includes representations and objects from the Second World War.
Tel .: 26530.41.862 Source: Prefecture of Ioannina

Tositsa Foundation

It is a remarkable site of folk art in Epirus, with representations of local traditional houses and collections of art and coins.