Epirus is a paradise for active-tourism and nature lovers.

Within a short distance from the city’s center you can enjoy activities such as hiking, cycling, paragliders and Water skiing at Lake Pamvotis.

For those who want to see more, ideal activities are Rafting in the rivers of Epirus, Horseback Riding, Mountaineering, and Skiing.


In the area of Ioannina, hiking trails take place almost all year round. Guests have the option to choose between different routes.

Indicative routes are along the Voidomatis River, the Vikos Gorge, the Tymoshi Dracolim and the Mitsikeli Mountains.


The city of Ioannina offers many options for cycling routes, each one unique to fare to anyones likings.

Explore the city, the Lake Pamvotis or cycle through the Mitsikeli and the nearby villages.


For the brave ones, the paragliders is ideal for you in order collect unique experiences!

It does not require previous experience to try it out. Just a quick briefing before, a few steps with the instructor and the flight is a fact. Enjoy the view of the city from above!

Water Ski

At Limnopoula of Ioannina, you will find the sports club “Omilos Ski Pamvotis”, which was founded for the purpose of disseminating and cultivating the sport of the sea skiing.

The access to the area is very easy as it is not far from the city center of Ioannina. Without any previous experience, just by attending a small seminar at the beginning, you can also enjoy this experience in the waters of our lake.


Take advantage of your stay in Ioannina by tasting Rafting! The famous Zagorohoria and the Tzoumerka, the rivers Voidomatis, Aoos, Arachthos, Kalarrytikos and the wider region of Epirus are waiting to enchant you with the most beautiful landscapes of Greece, the pristine green forests, the huge ravines, the imposing gorges and the mountains and the endless rare natural beauties!

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in Ioannina and more generally in Epirus has been developed in the last years. Every visitor can try, even if he has no previous experience.

Routes in pine forests and old paths in the villages of Zagori and Tzoumerka are an experience that every visitor must experience in Epirus!


In the area of Ioannina, trekking routes are availiable all almost all the year and they include climbing points with different levels of difficulty.

Visitors have the opportunity to contact the Mountaineering Club of Ioannina to arrange a mountaineering excursion between various levels, mainly at Mitsikeli mountain where there are already climbing facilities.


The Ski Center of Anilio,Metsovo is the newest ski resort in the country with ski and snowboard slopes for all levels, as well as possibility for downhill skiing.
The CK Aneliou is a 17-minute drive from scenic Metsovo.

The Ski Center Vasilitsa is located on the northeast side of Mount Vasilitsa, at an altitude of 2249m.
Two of the center’s tracks have been characterized by F.I.S Olympic specifications, Zeus track and Tympaia track.

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